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Sfriend's Schedule

July 22 • Friday

  4:00PM –  7:00PM G Registration - Friday PCC-Bridge
  6:30PM –  8:30PM P CONELL: Dutch Treat Dinners OFFSITE-Meet at AALL Registration Area

July 23 • Saturday

  7:30AM –  8:00AM P CONELL: Check-in and Continental Breakfast (sponsored by LexisNexis) Marriott-Liberty Ballroom Salon A
  8:00AM –  8:45AM P CONELL: Welcome Marriott-Liberty Ballroom Salon A
  8:50AM –  9:10AM P CONELL: Meet Members of the Executive Board Marriott-Independence Ballroom
  9:15AM – 10:00AM P CONELL: Rookie to Veteran Marriott-Liberty Ballroom Salon A
 10:15AM – 11:30AM P CONELL: Market Place Marriott-Liberty Ballroom Salon C
 10:15AM – 11:30AM P CONELL: Speed Networking Marriott-Liberty Ballroom Salon B
 11:45AM –  3:30PM P CONELL: Luncheon and Tour Marriott-Independence Ballroom
  5:00PM –  6:30PM A Exhibit Hall Ribbon Cutting/Opening Reception PCC-Exhibit Hall B

July 24 • Sunday

 10:15AM – 11:45AM A Opening General Session/Keynote Speaker PCC-Ballroom (AB)
 12:00PM –  1:15PM M Legal Information Preservation Alliance Business Meeting PCC-Room 203(B)
  1:30PM –  2:45PM P A4: Finding and Getting Your Next Lateral or Promotional Position PCC-Room 204(A)
  1:30PM –  2:45PM P CS-SIS Program: Cool Tools Cafe PCC-Room 113(AB)
  3:00PM –  4:00PM P B2: Copyright Conversation with Marybeth and Lolly PCC-Room 201(A)
  3:00PM –  4:00PM P PLL-SIS Program: No More Shushing: Make Some Strategic Noise About Your Library PCC-Room 111(B)
  4:15PM –  5:15PM P C3: Battledecks AALL PCC-Room 201(C)
  4:15PM –  5:15PM P C6: Legal Education for Law Practice: Teaching Legal Research in a Practice Environment PCC-Room 108(AB)
  5:30PM –  6:30PM M ALL-SIS ALL-NEW Roundtable PCC-Room 304
  6:30PM –  8:30PM M ALL-SIS Reception and Awards (sponsored by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business) Marriott-Liberty Ballroom Salon AB
  7:30PM –  8:30PM M Gen X/Gen Y Caucus Meeting Marriott-Room 407-409
  8:30PM – 10:30PM M Gen X/Gen Y Social OFFSITE-Loews Philadelphia Hotel 33rd Floor Terrace

July 25 • Monday

  7:30AM –  8:30AM M RIPS-SIS Breakfast Business Meeting PCC-Room 103(C)
  8:45AM –  9:45AM P D3: The New Collaboration Tools: Let's Work Together! PCC-Room 108(AB)
  8:45AM –  9:45AM P PLL-SIS Program: Through the Looking Glass: Harnessing Technology in Today's Law Firm Library PCC-Room 103(A)
  9:00AM – 10:00AM M What's New in HeinOnline PCC-Room 203(B)
 10:00AM – 10:30AM P E3: The Newest Codes in the Library: The Smartphone Tag Project PCC-Room 201(C)
 10:00AM – 10:30AM P E4: Advanced Meeting Facilitation Techniques PCC-Room 113(AB)
 10:45AM – 11:45AM P F6: Meeting Employers' Expectations: Are Library Schools Doing Everything They Can? PCC-Room 204(C)
 10:45AM – 11:45AM P PLL-SIS Program: Teaching Advanced Google PCC-Room 103(A)
 12:00PM –  1:00PM M ALL-SIS Faculty Services Roundtable PCC-Room 304
 12:00PM –  1:15PM P OBS-SIS Program: Hot Topic: The Public-Technical-Systems Connection: For a Great Library Experience It Really Matters PCC-Room 102(A)
  1:15PM –  2:15PM A Exhibit Hall Refreshment Break (sponsored by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business) PCC-Exhibit Hall B
  2:15PM –  3:30PM P G2: To Recover or Not to Recover: Trends, Solutions, and Alternatives for Taming Online Research Costs PCC-Room 108(AB)
  2:30PM –  3:30PM P RIPS-SIS Program: C8 I'm a New ___ Now What? PCC-Room 105(B)
  3:45PM –  5:30PM A AALL General Business Meeting and Members' Open Forum PCC-Ballroom (B)
  5:30PM –  6:30PM M SEAALL Business Meeting Marriott-Room 304
  6:00PM –  7:30PM M Indiana University Alumni Reception, SLIS and Maurer School of Law and Law Library Marriott-Room 405
  6:30PM –  8:00PM M SEAALL Reception Marriott-Room 401-403

July 26 • Tuesday

  9:00AM – 10:30AM P H2: Providing Excellent Customer Service in the Law Library: Hold the Pickles PCC-Room 201(A)
  9:00AM – 10:30AM P H6: Making the Grade: Assessing Legal Research Skills in the Classroom and Firm PCC-Room 204(C)
 10:45AM – 11:30AM P I2: Collaborative Collection Development: What Should Academic and Law Firm Libraries Know About Each Other? PCC-Room 201(A)
  1:00PM –  1:30PM P J1: Developing and Using Patron Satisfaction Surveys PCC-Room 108(AB)
  1:00PM –  1:30PM P J4: Embracing Creative Conflict: A Formula for Better Decision Making PCC-Room 204(A)
  1:30PM –  3:00PM A Exhibit Hall Reception – Connect to 2012 PCC-Exhibit Hall B
  3:15PM –  4:15PM P K2: What You Need to Know about Using DVD Clips in the Classroom: Now You Can PCC-Room 204(B)
  3:15PM –  4:15PM P K3: Mobile Applications: Filtering Through the Junk PCC-Room 201(C)
  3:15PM –  4:15PM P K4: Enhancing Library Services with Technical Services Skills: From the Backroom to the Front Lines PCC-Room 204(A)