to 10:30AM

H3: Coding Potpourri: A Survey of Programming Languages and Tools Used in Library Applications Today

Target Audience: Librarians who implement web technologies or wish to communicate effectively with their IT department about their implementation

Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will be able to identify the skills and tools needed to begin using various programming languages.
2. Participants will be able to select possible applications for their library, based on the programming languages presented.

Programming languages and the web tools they create permeate today’s library. Daily, librarians make decisions about the tools they offer patrons online. They consult with IT staff about implementing online tools, but they may not have a realistic idea of what they’re requesting. Most librarians know a little, want to know more, and are willing to self-educate—but may not know where to start. This program will provide an overview of several programming languages that are currently being used by libraries. Panelists will discuss how they use these languages to create online tools for patrons, design and display effective web pages, and manipulate cataloging records.


Coordinator/Moderator: Cynthia W. Bassett, University of Missouri Law School Library; Speakers: Thomas R. Boone, Loyola Law School, William M. Rains Library; Jason Eiseman, Yale Law School, Lillian Goldman Library; Nicole C. Engard, ByWater Solutions; Ted Lawless, Brown University