to 4:00PM

HistoriCOOL Philly

For those who have been to Philadelphia before now is your chance to see the hip, cool, fun side of Philly (and, yes, the Liberty Bell too).


This 3-hour adventure includes:

  • Your own Rocky Run at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The trendy shops and restaurants of Midtown Village
  • Made-in-Philadelphia movie sites such as Transformers 2, The Sixth Sense, Rocky, Philadelphia, and more than 30 others!
  • Spectacular murals
  • A special behind-the-scenes peek at Eastern State Penitentiary - America's Most Historic Prison (known as the Alcatraz of the East)
  • And, the obligatory visit to that famous "broken bell" (in its new home!)


See how today's Philadelphians have made this once colonial city a true cosmopolitan gem, complete with insiders tips on local hangouts, dive bars, and the best shopping values. 


It's a rolling good time aboard our "time-travel trolley" from 1776 to present time!




NOTE Attendance numbers do not account for private attendees. Get there early!