to 4:15PM

K6: The New Generation of Legal Research Databases: Eighteen Months Later

Target Audience: All librarians

Learning Outcomes:
1. Librarians will analyze and apply the information provided to evaluate which of these new legal research products will be appropriate for use within their organizations.
2. Librarians will use the information provided to assist them in determining how best to implement these new legal research tools in their organizations.

During January 2010 (Legal Tech-NY), with much fanfare, WestlawNext and Lexis for Microsoft Office were unveiled. Lexis Advance arrived in late 2010. WestlawNext for the iPad is now here. Eighteen months after the first debuts, it’s time to examine their impact. How did the rollout of WestlawNext go in law schools? Have law firms embraced WestlawNext? What are the reactions, the benefits, and the burdens? What synergies exist between the schools and firms and other law organizations with regard to the introduction of WestlawNext? Have those synergies been explored? What has happened to Lexis for Microsoft Office? Presenters will take an in-depth look at the experiences two law schools and two law firms had with these products.

This program will be webcast live here.


Coordinator: Caren Biberman, Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP; Moderator: Victoria J. Szymczak, Brooklyn Law School Library; Speakers: Jean P. O'Grady, DLA Piper; Denise A. Pagh, Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann & Girard; Lisa A. Spar, Hofstra University Law School Library