to 11:30AM

I3: E-books and the Future of Legal Publishing

Target Audience: All law librarians

Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will analyze e-book licensing models, focusing on implications for alternative pricing, digital rights management, license negotiation, and usability.
2. Participants will be able to discuss how e-books will impact the future of law libraries.

The future of e-books in law libraries is still unclear, despite the surging popularity of dedicated e-book readers such as the Kindle. Legal publishers have taken a cautious approach in developing e-books to date. In addition, e-book licensing, particularly in economically difficult times, will provide new challenges to law librarians. Representatives from leading legal publishers and e-book vendors will discuss what they see as the future of e-books and how it will change law libraries.


Coordinator: June Hsiao Liebert, John Marshall Law School; Speakers: Dan Bennett, Thomson Reuters Professional; Scott Meiser, LexisNexis; Steven W. Sutton, YBP Library Services, A Baker & Taylor Company