to 2:45PM

A5: Old into New: Collaborative Law Library Digital Collections

Target Audience: Law librarians interested in collaborating on the creation of institutional repositories and open access digital collections, as well as those interested in the research and teaching opportunities afforded by such collections

Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will be able to describe collaborative methods for developing digital collections.
2. Participants will be able to discuss how digital collections facilitate research access to rare resources, as well as how such collections can enhance teaching.

Building digital collections and repositories to facilitate research and enhance teaching has been a focus of much recent activity by state and university libraries. However, few law libraries have participated in this trend, largely due to the costs associated with content management systems and the need for specialist metadata librarians. By joining together in consortia, or by participating as junior partners in university digitization projects, law libraries are beginning to engage in the opportunities offered by digital collections. A panel of law librarians and professors will discuss the collaborative development of law library digital collections, as well as examine how these collections have greatly simplified research access to rare materials and enhanced teaching.

Speaker Coordinator/Moderator: Laura E. Ray, Cleveland State University, Cleveland Marshall College of Law Library; Speakers: Warren M. Billings, University of New Orleans; Kevin Garewal, Cleveland State University, Cleveland Marshall College of Law Library; Kurt X. Metzmeier, University of Louisville Law Library; Gail Warren, Virginia State Law Library