to 11:45AM

F6: Meeting Employers' Expectations: Are Library Schools Doing Everything They Can?

Target Audience: Law library educators, students, and directors interested in how to best meet the needs of today's library employers, while preparing LIS students to be leaders in the law library profession

Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will successfully identify the reasons to reform Library Information Science (LIS) curricula.
2. Participants will be able to identify the needs of library employers.

What are the skills and knowledge at the core of law librarianship in our digital global market? The panelists will be asked their views on library school curricula and on best strategies to give voice to faculty, students, and employers' in designing the LIS curricula. The panelists will share their opinions about how to improve law library curricula, while balancing new market demands and digital directions with the profession's core competencies.

Speaker Coordinator: E. Dana Neacsu, Columbia Law School Library; "Moderator: Patricia E. Barbone, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP; Speakers: Tula Giannini, Pratt Institute, School of Information and Library Science; Penny A. Hazelton, University of Washington, Gallagher Law Library; Bacilio Mendez, II, Kings County Supreme Court Law Library