to 4:00PM

B1: Electronic Resources Management (ERM) Systems Showcase

Target Audience: Technical services librarians, electronic resources librarians, library directors

Learning Outcomes:
1. Participants will be able to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of various ERM systems in order to select a system that best meets their institution's needs.
2. Participants will be able to list workflow and implementation tips from different ERM systems users and to plan a smooth and positive installation of a new ERM system.

As libraries add more electronic resources to their collections, there will be a greater need to manage and maintain these resources effectively and efficiently. By viewing what ERM systems are available in the market place and identifying special features of each system, librarians responsible for electronic resources will be better equipped to select an ERM system that best fits their institution's needs. Librarians with limited resources will benefit from the demonstration of a locally developed, or an open source, ERM system. Insights into the pros and cons of using different ERM systems will also be shared.

Speaker Coordinator: Lorna Tang, University of Chicago, D'Angelo Law Library; Moderator: Shyama Agrawal, Duke University School of Law, J. Michael Goodson Law Library; Speakers: Amy L. Moberly, California Western School of Law Library; Eric C. Parker, Northwestern University School of Law, Pritzker Legal Research Center; Julie R. Stauffer, University of Chicago, D'Angelo Law Library