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Jennifer S. Murray's Schedule

July 23 • Saturday

  8:00am –  1:00pm M Innovative Law Users Group Annual Meeting
Marriott-Room 302-306
  4:00pm –  5:00pm M Leadership Development Committee Meeting
Marriott-Room 307
  9:00pm –  10:00pm M University of Southern California Alumni and Friends Reception
Marriott-Room 305/306

July 24 • Sunday

  7:00am –  9:00am M SCCLL-SIS Breakfast, Business Meeting and Silent Auction (sponsored by LexisNexis)
Marriott-Liberty Ballroom Salon AB
 10:15am –  11:45am A Opening General Session/Keynote Speaker
PCC-Ballroom (AB)
  1:30pm –  2:45pm P A4: Finding and Getting Your Next Lateral or Promotional Position
PCC-Room 204(A)
  3:00pm –  4:00pm P B1: Electronic Resources Management (ERM) Systems Showcase
PCC-Room 108(AB)
  4:15pm –  5:15pm P C3: Battledecks AALL
PCC-Room 201(C)
  6:30pm –  8:30pm M SCCLL-SIS Reception (sponsored by LexisNexis)
OFFSITE-Jenkins Law Library
  7:30pm –  8:30pm M Gen X/Gen Y Caucus Meeting
Marriott-Room 407-409

July 25 • Monday

  7:30am –  8:30am M RIPS-SIS Breakfast Business Meeting
PCC-Room 103(C)
  8:45am –  9:45am P D1: RDA for Everyone: Resource Description and Access Explained to Non-Catalogers
PCC-Room 201(C)
 10:00am –  10:30am P E2: Don't Just Blog It, Publish It!
PCC-Room 201(A)
 10:45am –  11:45am P F3: "Friending" the Courts: Grappling with Social Networking in Litigation and the Justice System
PCC-Room 108(AB)
  2:15pm –  3:30pm P G4: Anatomy of a License Agreement
PCC-Room 204(A)
  2:15pm –  3:30pm T Jenkins Law Library
Jenkins Law Library
  2:30pm –  3:30pm P RIPS-SIS Program: C8 I'm a New ___ Now What?
PCC-Room 105(B)
  5:30pm –  6:30pm M RIPS-SIS All Committee Meetings
Marriott-Room 407-409

July 26 • Tuesday

  9:00am –  10:30am P H2: Providing Excellent Customer Service in the Law Library: Hold the Pickles
PCC-Room 201(A)
 10:45am –  11:30am P I3: E-books and the Future of Legal Publishing
PCC-Room 108(AB)
  1:00pm –  1:30pm P J3: Capturing Your Local Area Legal History: A Snapshot in Time
PCC-Room 201(C)
  3:15pm –  4:15pm P K5: Innovations in Services to Self-Represented Litigants
PCC-Room 204(C)