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wendyhitchcock's Schedule

July 23 • Saturday

 12:30pm –  5:00pm P W4: Researching and Understanding European Union Law
PCC-Room 112(AB)
  5:00pm –  6:30pm A Exhibit Hall Ribbon Cutting/Opening Reception
PCC-Exhibit Hall B
  7:00pm –  8:30pm M Pacific Chapters Joint Reception
Marriott-Room 407/408

July 24 • Sunday

 10:15am –  11:45am A Opening General Session/Keynote Speaker
PCC-Ballroom (AB)
  1:30pm –  2:45pm P CS-SIS Program: Cool Tools Cafe
PCC-Room 113(AB)
  3:00pm –  4:00pm P B4: The Supersized Firm: Transatlantic Law Firms
PCC-Room 204(A)
  3:00pm –  4:00pm P B5: Peeping THOMAS: A Little Look at a Big System
PCC-Room 204(B)
  5:00pm –  6:00pm M FCIL-SIS Foreign Law Selectors Interest Group Meeting
PCC-Room 109(B)

July 25 • Monday

  7:30am –  8:30am M FCIL-SIS Teaching Foreign and International Law Interest Group Meeting
PCC-Room 109(B)
 10:00am –  10:30am P E6: Teaching Advocacy in International Commercial Arbitration Research Is Essential
PCC-Room 204(C)
 10:45am –  11:45am P FCIL-SIS Program: Indigenous Peoples Law Interest Group Presents "Locating the Law of Indigenous Peoples"
PCC-Room 203(A)
  2:15pm –  3:30pm P Distinguished Lectureship Address by Award Winner Jolande Goldberg: De arte et de jurisprudentia: Some Aspects of Legal Iconography
PCC-Room 201(B)
  5:30pm –  6:30pm M FCIL-SIS Business Meeting
PCC-Room 112(A)
  6:30pm –  7:30pm M International Attendees Joint Reception (AALL/FCIL/IALL) (sponsored by BNA, LexisNexis, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. and Wolters Kluwer Law & Business)
Marriott-Independence Ballroom

July 26 • Tuesday

  9:00am –  10:30am P H6: Making the Grade: Assessing Legal Research Skills in the Classroom and Firm
PCC-Room 204(C)
 10:45am –  11:30am P I6: Challenges Posed by Transnational Litigation: Latin America and the Civil Law Tradition
PCC-Room 204(C)
  3:15pm –  4:15pm P K2: What You Need to Know about Using DVD Clips in the Classroom: Now You Can
PCC-Room 204(B)
  3:15pm –  4:15pm P K3: Mobile Applications: Filtering Through the Junk
PCC-Room 201(C)
  3:15pm –  4:15pm P K6: The New Generation of Legal Research Databases: Eighteen Months Later
PCC-Room 108(AB)